Hallmark Homecare, Inc. (hallmarkhomecare.com/116) is proud to announce its recent expansion to Omaha. The newest office of this rapidly growing recruiting and matchmaking service for senior clients with caregivers will be operated by Shane Neuharth, who has recently joined Hallmark Homecare as a Franchise Partner. In addition, Taylor Bopes has joined as Director of Operations and brings extensive experience in the Senior Care Segment. Also joining the group is Johanna Hernandez, who will head up recruiting efforts.

Many seniors seeking in-home care are struggling to find affordable, reliable, quality services in order to stay independent at home. With improvements in technology, access to resources and a new cultural mindset, Hallmark Homecare’s consumer-directed model makes it more advantageous in many cases to cut out the agency “middleman” and hire independent caregivers directly.

“Our client-directed model of care is becoming increasingly necessary for many due to the escalating cost of in-home care,” states Shane Neuharth. “I am proud to join Hallmark Homecare and provide my community with a powerful option, one in which families can meet and select their perfect independent caregivers to provide services for their loved one. They can remain at home where they want to be at more affordable rates.”

To contact your local Hallmark Homecare office, call (402) 289-8200 or email sneuharth@hallmarkhomecare.com. More information on the company is available at hallmarkhomecare.com/116.