Congratulations JetSplash Car Wash ( for being an early nominee in the Best Car Wash category! JetSplash Car Wash has been serving the Lincoln community since 2003 and helping the city shine with efficient, spotless car washes. JetSplash has grown to seven locations to further share the sudsy love across the Lincoln area—and will soon be opening up two more:

  • JetSplash #8 — 851 West O Street
  • JetSplash #9 — 27th & Vine

Number 8 is slated to open later this year, and number 9 soon after. JetSplash is a local business and is proud to locally employ over 150 individuals. The car wash takes pride in its community and is passionate about giving back to Lincoln through donations and fundraising opportunities. JetSplash even offers free car washes to select groups.

The JetSplash process is simple and to the point: hand-prep, wash and hand-dry.

  1. Hand-prepping involves a quick power wash before heading into the wash tunnel.
  2. Post-wash hand drying consists of JetSplash’s friendly staff hand drying every car to a spotless standard and inspecting for maximum cleanliness.
  3. JetSplash’s free, self-serve vacuums, air and mat cleaners top of every car’s perfect wash experience.

JetSplash Car Wash prioritizes its goals of speed, sustainability and satisfaction. JetSplash understands that nobody likes waiting in line, so the JetSplash wash process takes only five minutes. All of JetSplash’s products are eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable. Their ongoing mission is to continually find ways to make JetSplash customers happier, hiring only the most friendly, professional staff.

For information on locations, washes, memberships and offers, visit