Lincoln receives further national attention as new local authors release their first title. “As Snug as a Book in a Bug” is the premise of BookBugz, children’s books focused on the adventures of a group of friendly bugs throughout the year. Jingles Celebrates the Season represents the month of December and is available through Amazon in both electronic and hard copy versions.

Behind the book are authors Holly Beeman, Teresa Burnap, Sheila Odom and Pat Selk, who have published under the pen name of K.C. Snow. The four have been writing together since 2007 and recently debuted the collection at Toy Fair 2011 in New York. Written for children age two to four, but certainly appealing to the age of six, the BookBugz collection offers a character and story specific to each month of the year. Throughout the series, the bugs demonstrate friendship, provide education, and encourage interactive exercises for young readers.

Additional information about the book may be found at under K.C. Snow, Lincoln, Nebraska or by calling Sheila Odom at (402) 617-7331.