Merritt Concrete ( hosted a successful special VIP event for concrete industry professionals on March 31. The exclusive event occurred at Merritt Concrete’s new plant at 5250 Superior St. The team at Merritt welcomed guests to learn about the capabilities and benefits of their four new volumetric mixing trucks. The lunch and learn event featured a presentation from Terry Howell, general manager at Merritt Concrete, designed to help concrete industry professionals stay up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies. The event also featured a demonstration of the concrete pouring capabilities of their crew.

Volumetric mixing trucks are a concrete delivery system that allows for precise and efficient delivery of concrete to a job site. Merritt has four new trucks equipped with volumetric mixers, a device that measures and mixes the exact amount of concrete needed for on-site work. These trucks use cutting-edge technology to bring mobile batch plants to customers, allowing for fresh on-site mixing and eliminating the need to transport pre-batched ready-mix.

Merritt Concrete has supplied the Lincoln community with ready-mix concrete and construction materials since 1894. They are proud to have served the community for over 125 years and still offer their original U-Kart Trailers for DIY projects in addition to their new volumetric mixing trucks that measure and mix your concrete on-demand for jobs large or small. For more information, go to