Merritt Concrete ( has upgraded their ready-mix concrete capabilities with four new volumetric mixing trucks. These trucks come with cutting-edge technology that will increase production capabilities and benefit customers. Perfect for jobs large and small, these trucks can measure and mix up to ten yards of concrete on-site, ensuring the water-cement ratio is always exact, and eliminating the need to wait or waste material. Their volumetric technology provides customers a total concrete solution in one unit. While ensuring there are no hot loads and no waste, they will make you precisely the amount of concrete you need, so you only pay for what you pour.

In addition to their upgraded ready-mix concrete production capabilities, their team members have completed ACI Field Test Technician Training and are now certified to perform field testing on ready-mix concrete. These certifications demonstrate their commitment to providing the best service to customers and becoming an end-to-end concrete solution.

Founded in 1894, Merritt Concrete has been an integral part of the Lincoln construction community for nearly 130 years. Since acquiring Merritt in early 2021, Whitehead Oil Company has wasted no time investing in upgraded equipment and building a talented team of concrete professionals to provide the highest quality service possible to Lincoln and the surrounding area. To get in contact with Merritt call (402) 435-3213 or email For more information, go to