Talon Steel Buildings Donates Structure to Branched Oak Observatory

Talon Steel Buildings (www.talonsteel.com) recently made a donation in support of the Branched Oak Observatory. The agricultural and commercial steel building sales and construction company donated a 12×24’ pre- engineered garage to the observatory to be used as a visitor’s center. Branched Oak Observatory is a unique star park just 25 minutes northwest of Lincoln where visitors can meet with astronomy enthusiasts and explore the night sky through a variety of telescopes.

As a general contractor specializing in all- steel pre- engineered buildings, Talon Steel Buildings brings excellence and integrity to each commercial project from the initial design to the final. Talon Steel offers a wide array of quality features and optional accessories to improve functionality and enhance your building’s appearance, while standing behind the quality and integrity of every building they sell. For more information, please visit www.talonsteel.com or contact Darren Kinney at (402) 937-5937/dk.talonsteel@gmail.com.

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