Charting Your Course With Coaching, Inc. is a life coaching service that focuses on making a career transition which is any significant change in your career regardless of your role initiating this process.  Coaching facilitates the change process by helping you to clarify your personal and vocational goals, skill sets, evaluate opportunities and develop a strategy to be successful in your vocation.   By having a career strategy you are in a better position to use your employee benefits, anticipate retirement, qualify for a promotion or find another position.  Coaching services are provided in either individual or group sessions.  Additional services are resume writing, vocational assessments and mock interviewing. Charting Your Course With Coaching, Inc was established by Janette C. Robb, M. Ed, who has provided career counseling for 30 years.

Additional information about Charting Your Course With Coaching, Inc. can be obtained at or call for free session at: 402. 965.1496