Christian Record Services, Inc. ( is thrilled to share news about the growth of PhoneFaith as part of its outreach ministry to the blind community.

When PhoneFaith joined Christian Record Services in 2020, it had approximately 20-30 participants a month. Since that time, the program has grown, and in 2022, the monthly participants ranged from 88 to 179 participants monthly, sometimes peaking during the revivals and during other special programs with well-known presenters.

Daily PhoneFaith dial-in presentations offer opportunities to inform and encourage through mental health and wellness sessions, social meet-and-greet interactions, Bible games and prayer.

PhoneFaith was started by CRS Board Member, Dr. Dexter Thomas, who is blind, as he searched for tangible ways to connect with other people who were blind or visually impaired. It continues today under the leadership of Dr. Leanora Ruff, who organizes and coordinates the volunteer hosts and presenters needed for the weekly presentations.

“It is heart-warming to observe the value of PhoneFaith to participants as they engage with others who experience a similar journey. We are grateful, with God’s guidance, to offer a way for the people we serve to connect, engage and grow,” says Diane Thurber, president of Christian Record Services, Inc.

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Christian Record Services continues to move forward with its mission to “empower people who are blind to engage their communities and embrace the Blessed Hope.” For more information, please visit