The Heartland Cancer Foundation (HCF, offers an Annual Impact Partnership program that allows individuals and businesses to invest in their mission throughout the year. The foundation aims to provide immediate financial assistance to eligible cancer patients, ensuring they can focus on their healing without worrying about expenses. Impact Partners have the opportunity to maximize their philanthropic efforts and time by supporting the foundation once a year during the renewal period.

As an Impact Partner, supporters gain visibility at the foundation’s signature events, including the Mardi Gras Gala, Heartland Golf Classic and Oncology Symposium. HCF will work with you to create a customized recognition and participation plan including event tickets and recognition at all events, across all social media platforms, on the foundation’s website and in email newsletters.

Furthermore, the Heartland Cancer Foundation is a qualified 501(c) (3) tax-exempt organization, meaning Impact Partnership investments are tax-deductible charitable contributions. This offers an additional incentive for individuals and businesses to participate.

In summary, the Heartland Cancer Foundation’s Annual Impact Partnership program provides a unique opportunity to invest in their mission. By becoming an Impact Partner, supporters contribute to the immediate financial assistance of cancer patients while gaining visibility and networking opportunities. Together, as Impact Partners, we can create a community where cancer patients receive the necessary support to focus on their healing and well-being.

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