On October 1, Immigrant Legal Center (ILC, www.immigrantlc.org) officially merged with Refugee Empowerment Center (REC) under ILC leadership solidifying services and support for immigrants in our community. Through this merger, they will bring together a wealth of expertise, experience, and resources that allow the staff to provide a holistic blend of high-quality services to their newest friends and neighbors in Nebraska and southwest Iowa. Clients and partners will continue to experience the high-quality immigration legal services and refugee resettlement services they have come to expect from ILC and REC, and their services and processes will remain unchanged.

Erik Omar, executive director of Immigrant Legal Center stated, “Our passion is to help our clients in the entirety of their needs, to set them up for success and a life without fear. With the merger, we are building a unified organizational culture as the only agency of its kind that serves the legal and transitional support needs of immigrants in the Heartland.”

Immigrant Legal Center is Nebraska’s largest nonprofit legal immigration services provider, they serve an irreplaceable role in the communities they serve. ILC’s work helps the community reach its full potential and makes our cities stronger and healthier by empowering immigrants to obtain access to education, healthcare, and work opportunities that allow them to live and work with confidence and free from fear. To learn more, visit www.immigrantlc.org.