Nebraska Hearing Center of Lincoln, Nebraska Announces Debut of Smallest Hearing Aid on the Market

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Nebraska Hearing Center is excited to announce that they are now able to offer their patients the smallest hearing aid ever.

Brand new to Audibel, which is made by Starkey Labs, are the Invisbel 2 and the A3 hearing devices.  The Invisibel 2 is a device that you put in and take out yourself.  It goes completely into the ear canal and is invisible.  Just released in January, this new technology is designed to nearly double Audibel’s already leading noise reduction while still preserving speech and it works best for those with a mild to moderate hearing loss. The A3 has new technology that analyzes the sound coming in and provides patients with an automatic setting for the best audio.  The A3 is also an excellent fit for those suffering from Tinnitus.

“There are so many who contemplate hearing devices,” states Nebraska Hearing Center’s Audiologist Leslie Frank.  “Now is really an exciting time to see what is new on the market.”

Centrally located at 5625 O Street; Suite 104, Nebraska Hearing Center is locally owned and operated by Audiologist Leslie Frank MS, CCC-A.  Call (402) 486-3737 to schedule your appointment today! More information about Nebraska Hearing Center may also be found online at

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