Families are invited to participate in the first ever evening event that combines a family bike ride with Lincoln Satldogs Baseball. The July 15 event benefitting Lincoln Council on Alcoholism will be part of the 7:05 p.m. baseball game. Families of older children or teens will enjoy a 12-mile ride to Antelope Park and back during the middle portion of the baseball game. Others can participate in a 1-mile walk around the inside of Haymarket Park, a 1-mile bike ride around the outside of Haymarket Park (perfect for families of small children.)
Registration is $30 for individuals or $60 for families up to 4 people. Registration includes tickets to the Satldogs game and a post-ride party after the game.

For more information about Lincoln Council on Alcoholism or to participate in the Bikes & Bats Fundraiser register online at www.lcad.org.