The Lincoln Running Company is pleased to announce they have scheduled their first speaker for the Beginner’s Luck running program to start June 8th.  Beginner’s Luck is an 8 week running program designed to start people with a running program. The first speaker will be Ben Davis of the Youtube video “Ben does Life – 120 pound journey”. If you need motivation, this is the class to attend! This first evening is open to the public and is free of charge. The event will be held at Southwest High School; 6:30 pm. June 8th.

The Lincoln Running Co is Lincoln’s only running specialty store. They have been helping runners, walkers, and anyone who wants their feet to feel better for 37 years! They are dedicated to not only helping you with your shoes but also to be as active as each customer would like. They believe that their business is more than selling shoes, it is about educating people about running and walking.

For more information about Lincoln Running Company, please contact Ann Ringlein at (402) 474-4557.