Beginning in October, residents of Milder Manor will have the opportunity to access the IN2L system, also known as “ITS NEVER 2 LATE” as a tool that will contribute to both quality of life and quality of care.  This computer system is known for empowering lives through technology.

The IN2L system will be used to enrich the lives of residents with its programs in activities, social engagement, memory support and therapies.  The Therapy Department will use the IN2L system for motor control, balance and safety awareness, strength and endurance, and as a tool for resident problem solving.  Residents using this computer system have been motivated into engagement with results based on each person’s abilities, interests, and needs.  Overwhelmingly, residents experience empowerment through this IN2L technology.

The Milder Manor Life Enrichment department expects the IN2L system to raise engagement to a higher level for current participants and engage less active residents with this new stimulant.  New learning, memory, reminiscing, and  entertainment will be the obvious outcome from this engaging computer system.

The Memory Support Household is especially excited about the IN2L system.  The applications that are most appealing include the use of music, old movies, reminiscing, and developing video life stories.  Cognitively impaired residents find common ground through the sensory recognition application.

If you are interested in learning more about this life enriching technology, contact Milder Manor at (402) 475-6791 or go online to