The Nebraska Safety Council (NESC, recently launched a new four-part series about emotional wellbeing in the workplace. This training is offered to members of NESC, on-site or via zoom, and can be scheduled to conveniently fit the needs of your workplace.

A decrease in mental health can cause a trickle effect in work productivity that ultimately affects the bottom line. It is important for employers to stay informed so they can prevent mental health declines, learn how to handle situations when they arise, recognize physical symptoms, and help employees cope with stress in healthier ways.

The series includes sessions on the following topics: 1) How to properly handle mental health at the workplace, 2) Learn how to manage your stress in a healthier way, 3) Physical symptoms at the workplace, 4) What are the four goals of misbehavior?

To schedule an event or request additional information, please contact Wellness Services Manager Karen Rehm at (402) 483-2511, ext. 102 or

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