Stacy and Greg were married 48 years when they decided to purchase an RV and become “professional travelers.” Sadly, this dream came to an end when Greg unexpectedly passed away last year. This devastating loss left Stacy with little support, substantial medical bills and no home. She was living in her car when she reached out to Matt Talbot Kitchen & Outreach (, which led to her acceptance into the agency’s rapid rehousing program. Stacy’s dedicated case worker was able to find a beautiful apartment that she will soon be moving into.

Stacy realizes how easily one traumatic event can cause everything to spiral. When reflecting on her difficult journey, Stacy stated “Giving up isn’t an option. You have to keep walking forward.” Matt Talbot is here to help when life’s unforeseen challenges create difficult obstacles.

Each year, Give to Lincoln Day reflects the tremendous generosity of the Lincoln Community. This year’s event will support Matt Talbot’s expansion project, “Bold Hope Expands”. This addition to the north side of the Matt Talbot building and garage will strengthen the agency’s growing housing efforts.

You can help people like Stacy find hope when all hope seems lost by making a donation to Matt Talbot through this year’s Give to Lincoln Day event

For the past 30 years and counting, Matt Talbot Kitchen & Outreach has been helping individuals and families facing poverty and homelessness find possibilities when things seem impossible. Learn more at