Mosaic ( will celebrate its 111th birthday on July 1. They will be hosting a celebration at Van Dorn Park at S 9th St and Van Dorn St. After over a hundred years in service, Linda Timmons, Mosaic’s President and CEO is quoted saying, “Mosaic is no longer a place you go, but instead is something you are a part of.”

Mosaic started helping people in the late 70s, those who chose to move from campus settings and get out of state-run institutions could move into community settings along with the help of Bethphage and Martin Luther Home. In the 80s, both organizations started offering a new model, which today is commonly known as Shared Living or Host Homes. Today, Mosaic calls it Mosaic at home, and it has become their largest 24-hour residential service.

Now, Mosaic serves more than 1,700 people through Mosaic at Home shared living, and they continue to change the lives of hundreds of people through their work and dedication. The stories you hear about Mosaic continue to encourage, affirm and brighten the hearts of their workforce. They keep finding more ways to increase people’s choices and independence. They’re working hard to give people with intellectual and developmental disabilities the same opportunities that anyone would expect in life.

Each person is made better because of it. Learn more about Mosaic and their mission at