Voices of Hope (voicesofhopelincoln.org), a local nonprofit that has been helping thousands of victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in Lincoln-Lancaster County more than 47 years, is launching a video series featuring victim/survivors who have come to Voices of Hope for help. The purpose of the video series is to start a community-wide conversation that asks and answers the question of, “Who’s the Voice? What’s the Hope?” Viewers will learn about Voices of Hope’s services and the network of organizations that collaborate to help each person find a safe and positive path forward. The voices and the answers are widely varied—survivors of abuse, nurses, faith leaders, educators, law enforcement, and community leaders, to name a few. It will be a chorus of voices of hope. Visit VOHLNK.org to view the videos and join the conversation.

If you or someone you know has been a victim, Voices of Hope is here for you. They can provide a safe and confidential place to talk about options, do safety planning, and provide emotional support. You can call their 24-hour crisis line at (402) 475-7273. They believe and support survivors. You are not alone. For more information, please visit voicesofhopelincoln.org or contact Chelsea Greenwald at (402) 476-2110 / chelsea@voicesofhopelincoln.org.