Wear Yellow Nebraska (www.wearyellownebraska.org) has opened registration for their 4th annual East-West Groveler Race that they will host on Saturday, October 8. Using the Platte River as their divide, you will be able to register to join the East team or the West team depending on which side of the river you live. Proceeds will go to support the Wear Yellow Cab Ride Program, providing transportation to and from treatment for Nebraska cancer survivors. The race will begin at 10 a.m. at the OxBow Trail Parking Lot, 1241 Silver St. The course will be about 40 miles long and the route will be released the week of the race.

For registration, be sure to enter which bike shop you want to represent—this is key for the winning team! It will cost $35 per racer and you must register by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, October 5. Day-of registration will be $40. Register and learn more about the event at bikereg.com/east-west-groveler-gravel-race.

Wear Yellow Nebraska is a nonprofit organization with a clear focus on niche initiatives that offer cancer survivors support in ways that were not being addressed and truly caring for an individual’s special circumstances. For more information, go to www.wearyellownebraska.org or contact them at contactus@wearyellownebraska.org / (402) 965-1699.