Real Estate Avenues: The Brokerage, LLC Announces the Signing of 6 Top Realtor Recruits

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Real Estate Avenues: The Brokerage, LLC Announces the Signing of 6 Top Realtor Recruits

Real Estate Avenues: The Brokerage, LLC ( is proud to announce the signings of our most recent Realtor recruits from our Spring 2016 recruitment class. These 6 Realtors make up a vast demographic of skill sets and experience; but all share the same common characteristics of upper-echelon professionalism, integrity, work ethic, and they can outright sell!


Joe Courtney

Joe Courtney brings 10 years of Real Estate sales experience as consistent top producer in the Lincoln area Real Estate market with over 500 transactions closed totaling over $75 Million in sales. Joe has won numerous awards for sales and brokerage development, including being named in consecutive years as a 4-time recipient of the Top Producer Award at his previous brokerage (2012-2015). Joe not only excelled as a salesperson, but he was also the marketing director of a top-5 brokerage prior to signing with Real Estate Avenues: The Brokerage.

At REA: The Brokerage, Joe will not only continue as a seasoned salesperson, but will also contribute to the future development of the brokerage by assuming a mentoring and training role for new associates. His experience as a top producer combined with his desire to educate and aid in the development of Realtors is an extremely rare combination and should prove as a great asset in the future development of the associates within REA: The Brokerage. To speak with Joe, please call (402) 304-1583, or The Brokerage at (402) HOMES – 4 – U


Nathan Lamp

Nathan Lamp is an Associate Broker with over 14 years of Real Estate sales and Brokerage development experience. As a previous Brokerage owner, Nathan has put together an impressive track record of 280 transactions closed and nearly $50 Million in sales while continually staying on the forefront of Real Estate trends and industry forecasting.

Real Estate Avenues: The Brokerage quickly identified that finding competitive advantages and rapidly maximizing them was Nathan’s primary strength, and a valuable asset to any company. This ability to stay ahead of the curve is aided by his background as a licensed loan officer as well as having a Bachelors Degree in Finance from the UNL. Nathan is poised to remain a top producer in sales while utilizing his previous Brokerage development skills to assist in the growth and future positioning of Real Estate Avenues: The Brokerage. To speak with Nathan, please call (402) 890-6311, or The Brokerage at (402) HOMES – 4 – U


Tamera Toof

Tamera Toof has been in the industry for 6 years and a “Top-50 Realtor in Lincoln” in 2015.  Her husband is a Lender, which allows her to stay up on the trends and understand the lending process giving her an advantage in helping clients buy and sell. Tamera is also a mom of 5 active children who allow her to know how to be disciplined, organized, and a leader in her business as well as her home.

Tamera’s Professional career has included working for The Gallup Organization in corporate sales, acting as a recruiter for a local company that focused on recruiting for local banks and sales companies, and was the major gifts coordinator for a local non-profit. The Gallup Strengths Finder identified Tamera as having the following strengths: WOO (Winning Over Others), Activator, Achiever, Arranger, Connectedness, and Individualization. With this combination of experience and strengths, she is able to serve and exceed the expectations of her clients by asking the right questions and finding their desires while leading them through the process of buying or selling a home… while still having fun!  Tamera chose to be a part of Real Estate Avenues: The Brokerage, LLC because they have developed a model much different than the traditional corporate-structured paper-based brokerages and can offer a more professional, tech-savvy experience while providing a simplified process to buying and selling. To speak with Tamera, please call (402) 450-8882, or The Brokerage at (402) HOMES – 4 – U


Tyler Bebout

Tyler Bebout will work out of the company’s main office in the historic downtown Haymarket area!   “Tyler is a great guy as well as an extremely talented agent,” says REA: The Brokerage founder, Derek J Kats. “With his knowledge, energy, expertise and natural ability to communicate, Tyler is already proving to be an outstanding addition to the team.” In the words of Tyler Bebout, “I joined REA the Brokerage to work alongside an elite group of like-minded agents who are transforming the way we think about and sell real estate. I’m very excited about the opportunity to elevate and grow my business, and to play at the highest level.” To speak with Tyler, please call (402) 617-7808, or The Brokerage at (402) HOMES – 4 – U


Nic Fett

Nic Fett has always had a passion for helping people as well as an interest in Real Estate. His parents bought and sold many houses growing up, and he always took interest in helping with remodeling. He earned his Real Estate License in 2013 and signed with a large corporate Brokerage in Lincoln. He was a very driven young professional who became known for his work ethic. During his first 2 years as a Realtor, Nic also worked as a part-time supervisor in the mornings at UPS through 2015. Even with this dual work schedule, Nic was able to be named the 2015 Newcomer of the Year at one of the largest real estate brokerages in town. This caught the attention of Real Estate Avenues: The Brokerage; and shortly thereafter in 2016, Nic was offered a position within the Brokerage and signed on as a partner.

Nic grew up in Grand Island, Nebraska, but moved to Lincoln and graduated from Lincoln Southwest. He attended Southeast Community College in Lincoln and completed the Fire Protection Technology program where he earned Firefighter 1 & 2 Certifications as well as EMT-B and Hazardous Materials: Operations Level designations. He then decided to attend the Larabee School of Real Estate in Lincoln and pursue a career as a Realtor. To speak with Nic, please call (402) 326-5632, or The Brokerage at (402) HOMES – 4 – U


Saul Bakewell

Saul Bakewell is a Lincoln native and proud Beattie Bobcat, Irving Aardvark, and East Spartan. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Nebraska and a Juris Doctor from the University of Nebraska College of Law. Prior to joining REA: The Brokerage, he was a real estate agent at a large brokerage in Lincoln where he was awarded Newcomer of the Year for 2014.

Saul’s favorite part of being a realtor is meeting new people: “It’s a huge responsibility to have complete strangers trust me with such an important transaction in their lives. I enjoy getting to know my clients, and it’s very rewarding to see their happiness on closing day.” Saul’s attention to detail, in addition to his honest, strategic approach to real estate, has proven to be an asset to both buyers and sellers. To speak with Saul, please call (402) 217-0977, or The Brokerage at (402) HOMES – 4 – U

Real Estate Avenues: The Brokerage, LLC is located on the top floor of the Haymarket Square Building, The Brokerage overlooks Memorial Stadium and the Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln’s Historic Haymarket District. Real Estate Avenues: The Brokerage, LLC strives to be at the forefront of the digital revolution and has established its position as one of Lincoln’s first “paperless” Real Estate Brokerages, thus making for a quicker, safer, and more efficient transaction for all parties involved.

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