AmanaCare ( is proud to announce that they have promoted three of their employees; Sara Jeffery, retention specialist; Eliot Wondercheck, hiring manager; and Amber Corbin, director of marketing.

Sara Jeffrey’s warm, funny and genuine personality makes her the perfect new client and caregiver retention specialist for AmanaCare. Sara establishes relationships with clients in order to ensure that they provide care in the manner that they need.

Eliot Wondercheck recently was promoted to hiring manager for AmanaCare In-Home Assistance. He’s been with the company since November 2021. Eliot possesses the perfect skill set for recruiting, screening, hiring and onboarding quality staff to provide superior in-home, non-medical care to AmanaCare’s clients.

Amber joined the AmanaCare team in November of 2021 as their marketing director for the state of Nebraska. She has an extensive background in sales and marketing in central Nebraska. As marketing director she’ll be sharing her talents in promoting the quality care and services of AmanaCare throughout the state.

Amana is Hebrew; it means truth, faithfulness, guardian, devotion and integrity. AmanaCare is a faith-based company that is family-owned and operated providing faithful, personalized non- medical care that people can trust. If you or a loved one needs assistance to manage tasks of independent living, contact AmanaCare to find out how they can help at (402) 440-5878. For more information, go to