REGA Engineering Group Celebrates 19 Years in Business

REGA Engineering Group, Inc., a Midwest based full-service engineering firm, is honored to celebrate its 19th anniversary and continue serving its communities for years to come. In that time, they have become licensed in 12 different states across the Midwest and developed an outstanding portfolio. Founder Dan Rosenthal has stated that he is proud of the last 19 years that REGA has provided and the footprint they have made on the community. Their continued success has allowed clients to see and trust their locally done work, showing the many different solutions REGA has completed in the Lincoln area.

REGA Engineering Group, Inc. has been providing civil engineering, surveying, land development, forensic engineering, landscape architecture, and obstruction observation to its clients since 2003. REGA is licensed in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Minnesota. To learn more, contact (402) 484-7342 or visit