SP Group, P.C. Incorporates the Outdoors into Work Routine with “Walking” Meetings

SP Group, P.C. (www.spgrouppc.com) is always looking for fun activities and methods to incorporate into their daily work routine, and recently, they have started taking “walking” staff meetings outside to enjoy the good weather.

Tax season can consist of long days and late nights that begin in the depths of winter. Winter is the perfect time of the year to be an accountant as the snow, ice, north winds, and gray skies make it easier to be hunkered down indoors –
but once the weather transitions to blue skies and a warm spring sun, it’s difficult to stay inside. When that happens, SP Group takes work outdoors for a “walking” staff meeting.

In conjunction with their weekly staff meetings, a yearly tax season “theme” is selected and this year they incorporated the movie The Shawshank Redemption to emphasize weekly motivational messages. The movie follows the highs and lows and eventual hard-earned freedom of Andy, an incarcerated accountant. Dave Swan, managing partner, took the role of the warden, and led the meeting while his sidekick, Hunter Nelson, kept the team in line and at a good walking clip. All was in good fun, but more importantly, it was a welcome change of pace that motivated the team to the April 18 finish line. Now that tax season is officially in the books, they look forward to warmer days ahead so they can continue to take work outdoors during more “walking” staff meetings.

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