The Lincoln Business Expo again provided an opportunity for Lincoln TeamMates ( to form partnerships and connections with local businesses. Over 40 individuals expressed an interest in learning how to become a TeamMates mentor.

Showing up for new mentor training throughout the fall were associates from the following organizations to name a few: Ameritas, Educare, Enterprise Car Rental, Family Values Magazine, Hobbytown, Hudl, Humanex, KOLN 10/11, NelNet, Troske Financial Group, Union Bank, and recruits from 93.7, The Ticket.

Research published in 2021 finds that companies that make time for their employees to volunteer have higher retention, increased productivity, and higher morale. They feel more satisfied with their work, and manage stress and anxiety better – all at levels higher than employee-sponsored “happy hour”. In fact, many TeamMates mentors say that mentoring is the highlight of their week and that they leave feeling energized and more hopeful.

TeamMates Mentoring makes a meaningful impact in the local community and beyond by inspiring youth to reach their full potential through mentoring. They are hoping to recruit 300 additional volunteer mentors this school year for Lincoln youth. To find out how you can initiate a partnership with Lincoln TeamMates at your workplace, contact their office at (402) 436-1990 or visit