Lincoln TeamMates ( applauds local restaurants who partner to spread the passion for mentoring young people. WingStop of Lincoln is one great partner.

“WingStop is a big hit with our mentors in training,” said Lincoln TeamMates trainer, Christine Davis. A whopping 62 volunteers from the community attended WingStopsponsored evening trainings, sometimes the only time of day when training is feasible for them. With WingStop on the table, 94% of those who register show up. “That matters,” Davis continues, “because full trainings mean we can serve more young people sooner.”

Lincoln TeamMates Coordinator Jim Bennett found working with the WingStop store managers especially positive, “I want to compliment the staff and store manager at the 5001 O Street location. They were amazing to work with and made us feel like VIPs every time.”

Just as WingStop gives trainings a big lift, good food is critical to many of TeamMates’ life-blood events. TeamMates holds a Spring Celebration in May, Senior Mentor Breakfast in June, Fall Kickoff in August, Connection Academies each semester and Winter Recognition in January. Each of these events includes food and brings joy and inspiration to young people and those who support them.

Please consider your own ability to mentor or that of someone you know. Applications are easy to complete at

TeamMates would love to partner with other hospitality/foodbased businesses. It’s a win-win to serve the community and promote your business. Lincoln TeamMates Coordinator, Jim Bennett, would love to talk with you about the possibilities. Please contact him at or (402) 436-1990.