Access Family Medicine: Better Care, Better Health…for Less!

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Better Care, Better Health…for Less!

Regular Office Hours: 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m., Monday–Friday

Have you ever avoided going to the doctor because you couldn’t afford the extra costs? Many people opt not to even visit their doctors when they’re feeling under-the-weather, fearing the excessive fees, co-pays, and hidden costs that come with a simple check-up. That’s why Dr. Todd Johnson opened Access Family Medicine four years ago in 2016: He was tired of seeing people stay sick to save money, and tired of people overpaying and stretching their income to stay healthy. Dr. Johnson knew he had a solution with Access Family Medicine—Lincoln’s very first direct payment primary care medical practice. Here, instead of paying co-pays to insurance, patients pay a monthly (affordable) membership fee to the clinic, and the clinic takes care of the rest. No co-pays, no insurance—just pure, quality, one-on-one care that will keep you staying healthy and out of the emergency room, for longer.

Omaha-native Dr. Todd Johnson knew he wanted to open a family clinic since he started studying medicine at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He was drawn to the ability to develop long-term relationships with people, even generations of families.

“I enjoy getting to know you not only as a patient but as a friend,” Dr. Johnson said. “Creating and maintaining long-lasting relationships is my main reason for choosing a Direct Primary Care practice model.”

A Direct Primary Care practice model means that doctors at Access Family Medicine aren’t paid per appointment, so they have the time to sit down and listen to your needs and really find the root of your problem. Dr. Johnson and Krystal Jackson, physician assistant-certified (PA-C) both ensure that they get to know their patients as individuals, making sure each person feels understood and listened to before they offer any treatment options. Plus, your Access Family Medicine doctor makes themselves available 24/7, because your health doesn’t stop just because it’s 5 p.m.!

For those who have never used a Direct Primary Care clinic, it might be a strange concept to avoid using your health insurance, but for the many who have been to Access Family Medicine, this model has been a lifesaver.

“When I first heard of Dr. Johnson, I was skeptical because it’s something new (pay $50 a month and you can see him whenever you need without having to pay EVERY visit). Honestly, though, it has saved my family so many times. My husband had a total of 11 grand mal seizures in a year. When we first went to Dr. Johnson, he listened to our concerns and what we thought might help him become healthy again… He switched my husband’s medication and got it fairly cheap. I can safely say it’s been over a year since my husband has had a seizure! It’s a life changer for him…I definitely recommend them, especially if you don’t have insurance because $50 is a month is a lot cheaper than health insurance!” – Korrie P.

“Access Family Medicine is the best healthcare provider I have worked with in my lifetime. My family membership includes my wife and kids for a reasonable monthly fee. We can now visit the doctor when we need to without fear of sky high charges. The doctors are great. The services they provide are limitless…I really can’t say enough good things about this place.” – Doug T.

(402) 858-1510 | | 8101 O St, Suite 302 | Lincoln Ne 68510

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