ALLO – Hosted PBX and Data

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ALLO – Hosted PBX and Data

ALLO-Logo“Our Hosted PBX and Data solution can grow with your business.”
Kathy Carstenson, Business Sales Director, ALLO

Experience the power of ALLO Hosted PBX and Data – the complete business phone and high-speed internet solution that provides everything your business needs.

Switch to ALLO and receive a professionally installed, complete communications system that’s fully maintained and automatically updated by our local support team. Hosted PBX and Data is the easy and affordable answer for businesses that need to replace out-of-date systems or businesses with new office sites.

  • Convergence: Offers your business a combination of reliable, feature-rich voice, data, and networking services.
  • Decreased costs: Eliminates capital expenses of a phone system. Plus, we handle the installation and maintenance to further reduce your expenses.
  • Quality of service: Leverages our secure IP network and on-premise integrated access devices to ensure the highest quality of service.
  • Consolidated connectivity: Easily connects branch offices by incorporating our 100% fiber network into your communications solution.
  • Scalability: Virtual system can be perfectly matched to your unique business needs, so you only pay for what you use.

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