Client Spotlight: Kinetic by Windstream

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Technology Essential to Business Success Amid COVID-19 and Beyond

In the past six months, we’ve seen businesses make adjustments to keep business
running smoothly during COVID-19. Technology has played a crucial role in remote work
success, allowing businesses to pivot from in-office or in-store experiences to virtual
connections. Now is the time to prepare your business with the right technologies to
connect with each other, and with customers.

Reliable Connectivity and Business Continuity

A reliable internet that matches your need for speed is essential. Fiber internet allows for a seamless internet connection from home, the office or at your storefront. Multiple devices can be connected at once without a lag in speed, meaning you can host multiple virtual events or customers checking out at one time. Additionally, fiber internet is easily scalable to meet your connection needs and demands.

Don Williams, owner of The Hay Rack, switched to Kinetic Business by Windstream Fiber Internet in June. Williams and his team have been the go-to source for all horse and livestock feed, hardware, lumber, and farm and garden supplies in his community for 27 years. “Thanks to Windstream’s fiber internet, our checkout process has become seamless for our customers and our team at the shop,” said Williams. Since the pandemic, Williams has seen increased business as his space allows for optimal social distancing.

Online Experience to Mirror the In-Office or In-Store Experience

While many offices and retailers have opened their doors recently, the threat still remains for COVID-19 and social distancing still means limited capacity for the foreseeable future. Many have turned to new and unique ways to connect such as virtual happy hours or weekly video meetings, personalized shopping or training sessions, and more.

For those connecting virtually, there is a strong need to use secure meeting platforms. A platform such as HD Meeting is protected by a secure login to ensure there are no uninvited happy hour guests or shoppers. Virtual meeting spaces are also great for putting the personal connection back into the in-office or in-store experience.

Raydiant signage in stores can direct customers for proper social distancing protocols, provide touchless menus in restaurants and give employees paperless announcements. Initial set up is quick and easy.
Raydiant also makes screen designs a painless process while providing a clean and crisp final design. As a cloud-based platform, once the device is connected to the internet and the TV display, it is easy to update in-store screens virtually from anywhere.

Online Security

No business is too small to be free of potential cybersecurity threats. Since the start of the pandemic, online attacks to retailers and small businesses have increased 20%. A virtual private network is vital to not only the protection of your business but your customers’ protection as well. Kinetic Business SD-WAN is a great tool for keeping your business and customers safe. SD-WAN eliminates downtime meaning customers won’t experience online delays, encrypting network traffic to protect customer sensitive information and more.

Whether your business is in a metro, suburban or rural community, choose a communications partner that’s committed to investing in the fiber network and the tools to succeed in your area.


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