Client Spotlight: Krueger Development

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From Conception to Reality

Krueger Development’s staff carries each and every project from conception to reality.

Buildings and communities don’t just build themselves overnight…there is a long journey with a beginning and an end.

For over 30 years, Krueger Development has contributed to Lincoln’s residential and commercial marketplace by developing residential and commercial communities, retail centers, and multi-family residences. Family owned and operated, Krueger Development strives to bring long-term value to its’ clients and community. Street design and dirt moving; structural design and construction; finish design including painting and carpet installation; and, finally, landscape design and planting are completed with the staff of 40.


Allison Santana, Krueger Development’s commercial property manager, is an expert at matching clients’ needs with Krueger spaces. From the Lincoln Trade Center on 56th and HWY 2, to the Yankee Hill Business Center on 14th and Yankee Hill, she has south Lincoln covered.

Stephanie Krueger Ponce, director of business development, is here to help if you are looking to build a specific commercial space. Stephanie has been in the construction industry for nearly a decade building residential homes, and the last two years has been transitioning into the commercial trade.


Christina Melgoza, director of lots sales, will help you find the perfect location for your next home. Whether you want to live at the end of the cul-de-sac or on top of three acres, she has the lots for you.


Nancy Salmonson, Eric Breashears and Tammy Fairley are Krueger Development’s apartment managers and have over 520 apartment units for you to choose from. You can live with Krueger Development at Chantacleer Apartments, Chatelaine Residences, The Mirada, Sierra Suites, or The Dakota.

A Behind-the-Scenes look at the Process

Behind-the-scenes operations are the outset of the journey for Sergey Suhoff and Michelle Varela, Krueger Development’s architectural drafters who spend hours getting everything onto paper. They work with the Krueger Development team and tenants until every wall, plumbing fixture, and electrical outlet is carefully chosen and installed.

As weeks and months go by, it will finally be time for Austin Hansen to add the final touch: landscaping. Austin adds a living, vibrant scent to fulfill the final step of the building journey.

Sergey Suhoff has worked on Krueger’s architectural project manager for seven years. It is very meticulous work to create each nook and cranny of the builds. He says, “I like to see the many projects become realty as they expand the empire of south Lincoln.”

Michelle Varela has been with Krueger for one year. She has been working on adding interior designs for tenants’ buildings. “I like to see the building from start to finish—paper to final project—that you can touch and walk through, to observe the design at work,” she says.

Landscaping transforms a building. Plants, trees, rocks, and mulch add a season change that creates a pleasant panorama for our tenants and their customers. Austin Hansen has gained all his landscaping experience in his five years of working at Krueger Development. His creativity in taking a dirt patch and adding all the elements of landscape designs to a Krueger project really brings it to the end of its building journey. He enjoys “the blank canvas where I get to add the textures and color to create a finished picture that complements the changing seasons.

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