T.O. Haas opened his first store in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1947. In those days retread tires were widely used on all types of vehicles. T.O. spent his days selling his tires to businesses in Lincoln and at night he worked in the shop retreading the tire orders. His wife Terry kept the books. By subletting his rented space and phone with two other businesses, they were operating in the black within the first month of opening.

In 1977, T.O. and Terry sold the business to their children appointing their eldest son, Randy, to run the business. Through acquisitions and aggressive growth strategy the company expanded their wholesale footprint to seven states and the retail business to three states before selling the wholesale division in 2000.

Today, T.O. Haas Tire (tohaastire.com) has retail stores in Nebraska, Kansas and Iowa. They provide a wide range of tires for cars, pickups, SUVs, tractors, trailers, ATVs, pivot irrigation systems and more. They also perform various automotive services including oil changes, alignments, brakes, engine diagnostics and other preventive maintenances.

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

Vehicle components and parts naturally wear out over time, and road hazards can negatively impact critical components. By adhering to the preventive maintenance schedule in your vehicle owner’s manual, you will help ensure that your vehicle always runs at optimal conditions. Depending upon the vehicle’s service interval mileage, maintenance may include an inspection of your steering and suspension, fluid filters, belts and hoses, brakes and axles, level of ball joint wear, checking exhaust system components, and checking tire wear and inflation levels. It is important to schedule preventive maintenance to help your vehicle continue to work as intended.

In a recent conversation with the Market Director for T.O. Haas Tire, Paul Faughn, he had this to say about the company. “It’s rewarding to know that you’re helping people drive safer. So many times we see vehicles come in with thread-bare tires or worn out brakes…to the point where driving could be dangerous. When we’re able to put them back on the road with confidence in their driving safety, that’s very rewarding.”

T.O. Haas Tire has stacked up an impressive collection of awards in their 75-year history. Some of the most notable awards include the Better Business Bureau Integrity Award, Lincoln’s Choice Award, Best of Lincoln, Best of Omaha and the Nebraska Crime Prevention Association Vehicle Award. They also enjoy being recognized by OSHA’s Safety and Health Award Recognition Program (SHARP) for having the most SHARP Certified locations in the state of Nebraska. The company follows in the footsteps of their late founder, T.O. Haas, who was inducted into the Tire Industry Hall of Fame in 2000; honored with Tire Business Magazine’s Humanitarian Award in 1997; and received Lifetime Achievement Awards from the Police Officers Association of Nebraska and the Lincoln High School Athletic Hall of Fame.