Graceful In-Home Healthcare

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Graceful In-Home Healthcare

Graceful In-Home Healthcare has earned a well-deserved reputation for having a skilled and compassionate team of professionals who are focused on proving exceptional care for patients of all ages and varying needs.

Give me a brief synopsis of what your company does.

Here at Graceful In-Home Healthcare, we provide care for families so they can stay safely in their homes where they can continue to live their life as they have always done. Care services we offer include:

  • Senior
  • Personal
  • Disability
  • Emotional Support
  • Alzheimer’s and dementia
  • Postpartum and maternity
  • Flight companion

How long have you been in Lincoln?

We’ve been in Lincoln over three years with hopes of our expansion office to be in Omaha by the 1st of 2020.

Who are the owners/important executives?

Grace Kats, RN/BSN is the director and Michelle Hill, AMA is the clinical intake coordinator. They work side by side running Graceful In-Home Healthcare.

Grace was born in Nigeria where her respect for elders was created at a young age. When she moved to Lincoln in 1999, she started working at Clark Jeary. She worked as a waiter in the dining room and got to know the elders on a personal level. It was at that point she decided to become more involved in their day-to-day life. Her CNA evolved into her nursing degree and her nursing degree evolved into Graceful In-Home Healthcare.

Michelle has been nursing for the past 21 years. She began as a means to provide for her family and worked her way up the ranks at Tabitha becoming the AMA charge nurse on the Solarium unit for Alzheimer patients. Her time at Tabitha also gave her several years of experience working with Hospice patients. Because of her experience, Michelle knows exactly what it takes to work with any client or potential client that walks through the door.

What do you think makes you different from other companies similar to yours?

We have a diverse range of services—not only do we offer elderly care, we do travel companionship, maternity care, child disability care, emotional support for any age, and so much more. Services are provided on an hourly basis all the way up to 24-hour care, seven days a week. Private pay, long-term insurance, and Medicaid are accepted.

What do you like about doing business in Lincoln?

The best thing about business in Lincoln is we all come together to do what is best for our community when needed.

What kind of community organizations/groups is your business involved with?

As winners of the Better Business Bureau Integrity Award in 2018, Graceful In-Home Healthcare works to be involved in our community as much as possible. We are also members of American Cancer Society, Alzheimer’s Association, LIBA, Nebraska Home Care Association, and Autism Society, amongst others.

What is your business philosophy or mission statement?

Our motto at Graceful In-Home Healthcare is simple: treating people the way we would want to be treated, with love, peace, dignity, and respect.

What changes have you seen in the industry and your company in the past few years?

There has been a decrease in resources that pay for in home healthcare and state and federal funding.

What do you see happening with the business in the next five years?

Graceful In-Home Healthcare hopes to have growth and expansion to greater serve outlying areas and the entire state of Nebraska. Graceful also looks forward to adopting more medical practices as well.

What has been your most important achievement as a business?

By far our biggest achievement was winning the Better Business Bureau Integrity Award and being a Best of Lincoln Award winner. In addition, Grace Kats was recently nominated for the 2019 Journal Star Women’s Inspire Award.

What was the biggest turning point in your business?

Being recognized in the community as top of home health care providers. We were very humbled by this recognition!

What is the most unique or interesting thing about your business that most people don’t know?

We have certified healthcare providers on staff, including RN, BSN, LPN, and MA.

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