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The Philosophy of Care
Rehabilitation. Wellness. Preventive Care.

You might come to Husker Rehab ( to get healthier overall or to meet specific physical demands, such as before and after having a baby or major surgery. You might be desperately seeking a way to stop relentless pain or dysfunction of your body. Or, you might be a company looking for help to decide when injured workers are ready to return to their post.

No matter what brings you to Husker Rehab, here’s what you can expect:

• The therapists at Husker Rehab take time to learn about you, your challenges, and your life so that they can find solutions that truly fit your personal needs.

• They listen to what YOU have in mind for recovery, never telling you that you can’t do anything, and support your efforts to reach the highest possible level of comfort and function you desire.

• You will receive expert care as Husker Rehab only hires highly qualified therapy professionals who bring to their work intelligence, experience, and personal commitment every day.

• Husker Rehab treats the entire body and seeks the root cause of pain. They don’t just treat symptoms.

If you go to Husker Rehab because you are experiencing pain—whether that be back, shoulder, knee, foot, cervical, or chronic pain—Husker Rehab will treat it holistically. Much like a builder starts with a foundation when building a home, the therapist at Husker Rehab start with a postural exam that starts with the foundation and core of body, the pelvic girdle and builds from there. Treatment of the postural issues that are underlying in a patient is the key to the success of our practice. Once postural neutral is achieved, the body has a better chance to heal and will respond to therapy methods that promote healing. The use of instruments such as Graston, dry needling, ultrasound, soft tissue manual mobilizations, electrical muscle stim. and a variety of other methods are then utilized to progress the healing tissue. Once to the point tissue can take the stress, a specific program is employed to meet the individual’s needs for posture, stability and function to return and develop a home exercise program that allows you to manage it once formal therapy is complete.

Addressing specific postural ergonomic needs has been a key to improvement during the pandemic as several clients moved to home offices that did not promote postural neutral and often promoted pain. Through addressing these postural positions and daily ergonomic alignments, we are able to manage neutral postural positions and keep the client in a better state of postural neutral to minimize impingements and dysfunctions that cause pain and thus prevent issues from reoccurring.

At Husker Rehab, they implement the newest techniques in order to lead to the quickest possible recovery and most effective treatment. Continuous reevaluations and ongoing adjustments are made to the program as the client progresses or regresses requiring such. As a result, there is improved healing times and ability to return to activity safer and with less risk of return of issues promoting pain.

Services at Husker Rehab:

Physical Therapy + Pelvic Physical Therapy + Postural Restorative Therapy + Integrative Medicine + Functional Ergonomic Instruction + Pre and Post Surgical Care + Trigger Point Dry Needling + and More!

Husker Rehab has two Lincoln locations!
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