John Henry’s Is Putting Out Fires in Lincoln?

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At John Henry’s, we truly care about our community.  A couple of our technicians took it to the next level recently.  Gabe Friendt and Jason Duff were driving a John Henry’s van to their next call when they noticed a small fire outside and in the front vestibule at a local apartment complex.  Not only did they call the Fire Department; they jumped out of their truck, grabbed a fire extinguisher and raced over to put the fire out themselves.  When they exhausted the extinguisher, they grabbed a garden hose.  By the time the fire department arrived they almost had put the fire out themselves, but more than that, they prevented the fire from consuming the entire building.

One of the best things about this is that Gabe and Jason never spoke a word about it.  They went about their day as if nothing had happened.  We were able to thank them and congratulate them for their actions thanks to the manager of the apartment complex AND a spectator working across the street from the apartment calling in to John Henry’s to tell us and thank us for having such wonderful employees.  As much as it’s pleasing to hear, we were not surprised.  We hire for attitude and integrity.  It shows.  We do an extensive background check and drug test our employees.  We truly feel like a family at John Henry’s and consider the Lincoln community as an extension of that family that is always growing.

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