Krieser Drywall & Insulation Celebrates 25th Year with Cutting-Edge Technology

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Krieser Drywall & Insulation Celebrates 25th Year with Cutting-Edge Technology

“No kiddin’, 25 years. Seriously?” was the response of Nate Krieser upon learning of the milestone Krieser Drywall & Insulation had achieved.

Krieser, president and owner, began drywalling in high school in 1995 in their family drywalling business. When his father retired from drywall, Nate took over the business and later added insulation services to better streamline the building process for customers. The business has come a long way from the father/son crew to a thriving company which employs 12 full-time employees today.

Nate expanded into spray foam insulation and later specialty coatings: polyurea, silicone, and acrylic. Offering Commercial specific services of metal framing, fiberglass reinforced panel (FRP) and suspended ceiling installation, Krieser has brought a diversity of services to customers and contractors.

This year, Nate celebrates 25 years in the drywall and insulation business, and he’s doing it with a bang. In November, Krieser introduced AeroBarrier to their services. In addition to traditional insulating methods, fiberglass and spray foam primarily, Krieser wanted to bring the newest technology available to Nebraska. AeroBarrier was the perfect fit. A breakthrough envelope sealing technology, AeroBarrier is changing the game of air sealing.

“This is awesome technology. The best method for tightening a building envelope, period,” stated Krieser. “Nothing else out there can do what AeroBarrier does.”

AeroBarrier saves on utilities and extends the life of mechanical equipment for decades. Available for all new construction homes, multi-family residences, and commercial buildings, AeroBarrier has been GreenGuard Gold certified, meaning it’s safe for schools, hospitals, and the environment.

“As houses get more efficient and envelopes get tighter you need to make sure you have someone who understands building science so you don’t end up in a situation where your building is too tight. We can take it to a safe level without having to use an air exchanger. If you do have one, we can take it to whatever level you need,” says Nate.

In as little as two hours, a home can be brought down to almost any specified air change per hour (ACH); able to tighten an envelope up to 90%. AeroBarrier is cost effective and that allows for a greater number of people to have highly effective insulation without the high costs.

“A great benefit with AeroBarrier is that blower door testing is included and you get printed reports verifying it passed,” said Kreiser, who also provides blower door testing separately.

Jay Babb, Krieser’s general manager, has worked with Nate for over eight years. “I’m eager to see the changes that AeroBarrier will bring to the building industry. It’s a huge leap forward in insulating technology and it’s exciting to be an early part of that,” notes Babb.

Learn more about Krieser Drywall & Insulation at their website or call them at (402) 432-2031 for more information about services they provide. You can see Nate at the Omaha World Herald Home Show on March 27–29 and get an up-close look into the AeroBarrier trailer and the inner workings of the future of insulation. | (402) 432-2031

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