Kubert Appraisal Group (kubertappraisal.com) is a full-service commercial real estate appraisal firm offering independent property valuation and consulting services, including advising clients on real estate business and investment decisions. They specialize in appraising all types of real estate, property, and land, including office, industrial, retail, multi-family, urban development, lodging/hospitality, agricultural, and other special-purpose properties.

In addition to general real estate appraisal service, Kubert Appraisal Group provides specialized appraisal services such as appraisal review services, property tax assessment issues, eminent domain valuations, conservation easements, insurance values, estate planning, gifting and IRS purposes, portfolio valuation, real estate market and feasibility analyses, as well as litigation support, including expert witness testimony.

Led by Thomas W. Kubert, MAI, CCIM, Kubert Appraisal Group brings many years of appraisal experience into every assignment. Their clients benefit from their collective experience and professionalism in providing quality real estate appraisal services.

Five Appraisal Facts from Kubert Appraisal Group

  1. Appraisals are dependent on quality market data. A quality source of data is information from market participants such as buyers, sellers, investors, owners, and tenants. Verification of data is an important step in the appraisal process, so the sage advice of “trust but verify” applies in the real estate appraisal process.
  2. Location, location, location is an oversimplification of the real estate market. Appraisers need to focus on location as a component of value, with specific consideration of how location influences the likely user of the real estate.
  3. The real estate condemnation process is typically used by the government when the government needs to acquire property rights from a landowner for a public purpose. The key issue for appraisers who address condemnation issues is to be consistent in their analyses. In other words, appraisers need to avoid being advocates for their clients, and instead be advocates for their opinion of value.
  4. Urban development needs public utility extension including water, sanitary sewer, and electrical services. The wild card utility for urban development is access to sanitary sewer service. In the Lincoln market, sanitary sewer service is primarily a gravity system, wherein the sewage must drain downhill to the treatment plant. If you want to discover the next great place to develop as Lincoln continues to grow, just follow the planned sanitary sewer lines and you will be in the right area.
  5. Property taxes are based on the current assessment multiplied by the local tax rate. Assessments are set as of January 1 of each year. The assessment can be appealed if the assessment exceeds the actual value of the property. Under Nebraska regulations, the assessment is assumed correct unless proven otherwise. An appraisal from a credential appraiser is one way to support a value difference.

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