Lincoln First Realty: Lincoln Owned. Lincoln Focused.

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Lincoln First Realty ( was founded in November of 2007 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cornhusker Bank of Lincoln. The affiliation with Cornhusker Bank is vital to their development in that it provides financial stability, leadership, business opportunities, and other resources that make them somewhat unique in the marketplace. Since opening their doors, Lincoln First Realty experienced steady growth and have become one of the fastest growing real estate companies in Lincoln.

Lincoln First Realty is a full service professional real estate company offering services ranging from representation of buyers and sellers in a real estate transaction to pricing opinions and marketing strategies that assist their clients in the decision making process.

Their basic business philosophy is best described in their mission statement, which stresses the simple premise that the customer comes first and that their actions as professional REALTORS® should always reflect that philosophy. Lincoln First Realty is a company of high standards and expectations that understands that their success is directly related to a business model that rewards the agents for their contributions through an “agent centered” philosophy.

Lincoln First Realty has three offices: 7575 S 57th; 5701 S 34th St., STE 101; and 1101 Cornhusker Hwy., STE 200. The management team consists of Brad Hulse, general manager; Lea Barker, managing broker; and Pat Elgert, managing broker. There are over 50 experienced real estate agents with Lincoln First Realty (

Why Consider Becoming an Agent with Lincoln First Realty:

+ Experienced management and administrative team dedicated to agents’ success
+ Culture that fosters team work and cooperation
+ No company fees to pay
+ An aggressive compensation plan that rewards productivity at a high level
+ A great environment where new licensees can learn faster and accelerate their production capabilities
+ A company of high standards and expectations for all of their associates
+ An agent-centered company with a compensation plan, policies, and procedures that reward production and excellence and doesn’t stifle it

Brad – (402) 434-2205

Lea – (402) 434-8688

Pat – (402) 421-5860

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