Mechanix Garage – Striving for Perfection on All Your Auto Performance and Auto Repair

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The Mechanix Garage (, offers quality auto services and repairs, off-road customizing, and semi tractor modifying. Backed by years of experience, The Mechanix Garage has a proud history of excellent work and customer service. They will remain loyal in serving their community and, in return, have been recognized through their township, state, and local business organizations. Through their success, they will continue to give back to the community through donating and volunteering with many local charities. The Mechanix Garage recently sponsored the North Star High School Booster Club’s Family Bingo Night, which ended up raising over $700!

What makes The Mechanix Garage unique is that it is a woman-owned business. Delta Nelson grew up around the auto industry, starting with her great-grandparent’s salvage yard. She’s worked on race cars, co-owned an auto glass company, and solely managed a Honda/Toyota specialty shop in Lincoln. During her management years, it became clear that, in order to continue maintaining and repairing her customers vehicles properly and safely, she must venture out on her own. Delta works closely with her husband Stacey and her sons Garrett, Kolby, and son-in-law Nick Lukert. Stacey has a passion for off-road vehicles, from Jeeps to side-by-sides. His attention to detail is a great asset to the business. Garrett has been turning wrenches and changing tires since he was old enough to pick up a wrench. Also growing up in the automotive industry, Garrett took a liking to dirt track racing at a young age. He first started with racing go karts and eventually moved up to cars, racing at surrounding tracks. Garrett is also the youngest in IMCA history to win the National Championship in 2009. Through that experience and knowledge it has taught him a vast majority of his knowledge. Kolby has grown up on the farm which has made him a hard worker. He knows his way around anything mechanical, and he doesn’t hesitate to offer a helping hand wherever it is needed. Another key member of the team is Nick Lukert. Nick has traveled millions of miles across the U.S. with his own trucking company. He has had ample opportunity to know what he likes and dislikes when it comes to a semi tractor. His experience far surpasses the normal diesel technician.



The Mechanix Garage offers the following services:
Full automotive service and repair facility for all makes and models, domestic and foreign
Customization of off-road vehicles
Semi tractor air ride systems

Already certified in many areas, the team at The Mechanix Garage will continue training and certifications in order to strive for perfection for their customers.

Monday–Thursday, 7 a.m.–5 p.m. Friday, 7 a.m.–4 p.m.
1323 Dawes Ave. | 531.249.1899 |

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