Nosh n’ Nibbles at The Chocolate Season

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Nosh n’ Nibbles at The Chocolate Season

Cute, cute, cute, cute, CUTE! That is pretty much all we were saying when we visited the new artisan chocolaterie and espresso bar in Williamsburg Village, The Chocolate Season. Love child of the talented Erika Jensen, The Chocolate Season really adds pizzazz to Lincoln’s offerings. Are we worthy? No, but we indulged ourselves anyway.

You may go to The Chocolate Season to quench your sweet tooth or to get your caffeine fix, but the menu also features some savory “Nosh n’ Nibbles” to please your appetite. Available Monday through Friday, choose between the soup of the day, fresh quiche, flavorful toast, sandwiches, entree salads, and more.

The salads at The Chocolate Season are amazing. The Harvest Salad plays with the sweetness of crisp chopped apples and homemade maple dressing on top of a mountain of Massaged Kale, quinoa, local goat cheese, red onion, and walnuts. No boring bites here. The other salad on the menu is the Roasted Cauliflower Salad. If you prefer your food to have a little heat to it, go with this option. The spiced and roasted cauliflower paired with chickpeas, feta cheese, cucumbers, and spring greens lathered in a mustard vinaigrette is a genius approach to a salad combo.

We also enjoyed warming our bellies with The Chocolate Season’s handcrafted beer cheese soup. The submerged croutons add an easy crunch to the experience, and no one at our table was complaining about the fresh bacon chunks.

The craftiness continues with grilled cheese sandwich options. We treated ourselves to the Apple-Bacon Grilled Cheese. The toasted bread is nice and thick, and it’s perfectly glazed with a local apple butter and honey. Our mouths are still watering.

The Chocolate Season takes things to the next level with their toast entrees. We filled ourselves up on the Poached Fruit Toast. The raspberry honey contributes a subtle sweetness and creaminess that goes brilliantly with the tea-poached fruit and homemade granola. The only thing better than eating this toast is looking at it—a beautiful presentation!

Did someone say WAFFLE SATURDAYS?

That’s right. Only on Saturdays, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., The Chocolate Season whips out their waffle menu. The different Belgian-style waffle dishes have an impressive range of flavor. We tasted the full spectrum—from the hearty Ham & Gruyere waffle that resembled a biscuits and gravy breakfast to the heartwarming sweetness of the Strawberry Nutella waffle that will forever hold a place in the hall of fame for best flavor combination.

Our favorite waffle was the Cornhusker. If you’re craving something more savory than sweet, order the Cornhusker. Topped with roasted corn, jalapeño, and hickory bacon, this is not your mother’s waffle. Complete with a dash of Finer Farm’s honey and a lick of butter, the Cornhusker waffle will bring a “Mhm!” out of you, or maybe a full-on “Go Big Red!” Either one would be appropriate in this case.

Don’t forget to wash down your food with some of The Chocolate Season’s specialty coffee and espresso drinks. They also serve a delicious hot cocoa—Sipping Chocolate—which embodies the right balance of dark, full chocolate and warm sweetness so that it’s not bitter. A yummy brew for this time of year!

3855 Village Lane, Suite 100 | (402) 466-1139 |

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