Partners ‘N Hair – The Heart Behind the Hair

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Partners ‘N Hair – The Heart Behind the Hair

If there’s one thing Jen Honnens knows, it’s that the people she works with and for are the heart of her business.

Jen is the owner of Partners ‘N Hair, a cozy hair salon that’s been a staple in southeast Lincoln since it first opened in 1987. For over 30 years, Partners ‘N Hair has offered a plethora of hair services to its dedicated customers, including cuts, trims, colors, and perms while helping their guests relax and feel at home. Jen took over the salon from the previous owner in 2012 and has been working hard to keep the atmosphere feeling familiar and comfortable to everyone who’s been dedicated to Partners ‘N Hair since it opened.

Jen has been crazy busy since the citywide restrictions lifted mid-May, happily snipping hair with back-to-back customers from open to close. She says she welcomes it, having to close her shop for six and a half weeks this spring was dreadful.

“It was incredibly challenging, having to close down. There was a lot of anxiety involved. I kept thinking about all the restrictions we’d have to impose when we opened back up—if business would stay the same,” Jen said. “It was honestly the most challenging thing we’ve went through as a business so far.”

However, business boomed when Partners ‘N Hair reopened and has been booming ever since. Jen thinks it’s because of how loyal her customers are to the shop.

“People treat Partners ‘N Hair like it’s their second home. It’s amazing what sort of things people feel comfortable telling me. I think it’s like having another person to bounce thoughts off of,” Jen said. “A lot of people just come here to hang out. It helps them get out of the house.”

Jen and her set of talented, dedicated stylists and staff are doing everything they can to keep guests safe and healthy while still maintaining their signature comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

“We sanitize everything before and after each appointment. There’s more time in between each appointment to make sure everything is clean for everybody,” Jen said. “It’s about protecting people. It’s about keeping them safe. It’s just the right thing to do.”

Ultimately, that’s what Jen and her team at Partners ‘N Hair is all about: helping people feel good, look good, and leave happier than they were when they came in.

That’s why people keep coming back. There’s a warm, personal touch they get at Partners ‘N Hair that can’t be found everywhere.

“It’s the longevity of our relationships. Some people have been coming here since it opened, before I worked here. A lot of my clients have been working with me since as long as I’ve been cutting hair—18 years,” Jen said.

Jen says that her goal after taking over Partners ‘N Hair was to keep those relationships alive, to grow her clientele, and to reach more people in Lincoln. After all, it’s those relationships—those lifelong friendships and the way people feel when they leave the salon—that makes her job so rewarding.

Reach out to Jen to schedule a haircut, color, or style at (402) 483-7376. She and her staff would love to pamper you and make you a part of their Partners ‘N Hair family!


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