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Simplicity & Charm at Piedmont Bistro by Venue

The American bistro is a restaurant sensation that is making a big comeback! Many are welcoming the simplicity, charm, and comfort that has come along with the reemergence of these neighborhood eateries.

Photo- Piedmont Bistro by Venue - EntreesWith its modern twist on this classic, Piedmont Bistro by Venue (piedmontbistro.com) is offering just that to those in the Lincoln community.

Now under the management of Venue Restaurant & Lounge (www.yourvenue.net), Piedmont Bistro by Venue recently opened after the concept was reimagined to reflect the signature style, quality, and originality of its new owner.

If you’ve been following along with us, you may have seen that our #Friends4Lunch event last month was held at Piedmont Bistro by Venue. How fortunate for us that we were able to return so shortly for dinner; between both experiences, there’s plenty to rave about!

Photo - Piedmont Bistro by Venue - Moscow MuleFocusing on a scratch-based culinary program like its sister restaurant, the house-crafted dishes on the menu incorporate locally-sourced ingredients, with amazing presentations that are fitting for the chic bistro setting. Carrying that same focus to the bar, the drink menu includes traditional cocktails with a mixology twist, exceptional wines, and a great variety of craft beers with an emphasis on local vendors.

We started off our dining experience with several appetizers – the Beet Fries(V•GF), Sweet Potato Hummus(V•VG•GF), Spinach Gouda Dip(V), and Brussels Sprouts(V•VG•GF). So tasty! All are unique items that can’t be found anywhere else and exceeded our initial expectations.  We also ordered the Garden Goddess Salad(V•GF) as a starter, which featured a nice variety of greens and balance of fresh, colorful ingredients.


Photo - Piedmont Bistro by Venue - Seared Scallops

Seared Scallops & Risotto

Then on to the main course, our group went with the same approach, ordering a diverse selection of entrees and sharing plates. We chose the Grilled CAB 16 oz Bone-in Ribeye (GF), Dijon Chicken Breast, Seared Scallops, Seared Salmon (GF), and the Maple Soy Glazed Chicken. Each had a flavor all its own and was done to perfection. The Seared Scallops were accompanied with the best risotto we’ve ever tasted! Usually we have a clear favorite, but that was not the case this time because they were all equally amazing. The menu is well thought out; it’s broad enough to cater to all appetites while still having that ‘WOW’ factor present in each and every one of the innovative dishes. Honestly, there wasn’t anything on the menu that we would have turned down. All dishes we tried truly embody everything Piedmont Bistro by Venue represents and were liked by our team. Well enough, in fact, that there was nothing left unclaimed.



For the exclamation point to an amazing dinner we were still looking forward to dessert, despite being pretty full at that point. Piedmont Bistro by Venue’s Pastry Chef Linda Cox has a reputation that speaks for itself, so there was no chance of us leaving without sampling some of her masterpieces. We picked the Panna Cotta Cheesecake and the Chocolate Dobos Torte. Both are as pretty as they are delicious, or vice versa. Our recommendation to our readers would be to make sure you save ample room for dessert!

It can definitely be said that at Piedmont Bistro by Venue guests can expect a true local experience and exceptional hospitality at this gem of a casual neighborhood eatery. Our dinner stay was nothing short of remarkable, and time well spent indeed. The portions were very generous and allowed us to leave with leftovers to savor over the days to come! Their wine list is sure to please anyone, and pairs nicely with the fare (there’s even a Piedmont Cheddar Board on the appetizer menu with cheese, salami, and veggies – the perfect combination!). On top of all of this, the service is prompt, warm and friendly. Our only regret was that we didn’t sit outside in the patio area because it was a beautiful evening to enjoy the sunset by the fire pit. Since a return visit is definitely in the works, that exactly what we’ll be doing at some point in the future, along with trying out their daily breakfast or legendary Sunday brunch!

V = Vegetarian | VG – Vegan | GP = Gluten Free

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Piedmont Bistro by Venue | www.PiedmontBistro.com | (402) 975 -2816



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