Tobacco Free Lancaster County (TFLC) has been supporting tobacco-free efforts as part of the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department’s Tobacco Prevention Program for more than 20 years. Collaborating with over 30 community partner agencies and passionate individuals, the coalition works to educate community members about issues related to tobacco and e-cigarette use and exposure, support policies that inspire social norm change, and encourage cessation.

The Mission of TFLC is to promote health by eliminating the use of and exposure to tobacco and e-cigarette products, envisioning Lincoln and Lancaster County as tobacco and e-cigarette free communities. Aspiring to achieve this vision by applying the values of advocacy, inclusivity, collective impact, education, and service.

Tobacco Free Lancaster County is here to help

TFLC’s dedicated staff is here to serve the community of Lincoln and Lancaster County. Below you’ll see some of the top ways we are here to help, but feel free to reach out with any tobacco or e-cigarette related question or need. We are always looking for the best ways to serve our community to establish tobacco-free social norms.

Highlight your business and deliver FREE resources during the#GASOLNK #GASOLancasterCoNe event

Whether you feel your business has high rates of tobacco use or if you feel like you’re a tobacco-free champion, this free event helps educate and bring together our community to support tobacco quit attempts. TFLC provides ready-to-go emails, flyers, social media, and more you can use to celebrate the Great American Smokeout the third Thursday of November. Learn more and register at

Offer assistance and resources supporting smoke-free multi-unit housing policies

Over 90% of Nebraskans want to live in a smoke-free home, and it is no different for renters. If you own or manage properties, TFLC staff can develop and support a plan to transition your community to become smoke-free. If you’re already smoke-free or looking for a smoke-free rental property, visit our website to search our map of smoke-free options in Lancaster County.

Provide technical assistance to improve tobacco-free policies

TFLC’s expert staff is focusing on working with health care campuses to determine what specific steps the organization may be ready for to improve or implement a tobacco-free campus policy. These kind of voluntary policies are one of the best ways to support tobacco cessation and create a tobacco-free social norm. Contact us if you’d like to recruit a health care provider you love.

Educate youth, young adults, and families about the risksof menthol and flavored tobacco products

In recent years, vaping has become an epidemic that many youth and young adults find attractive. Flavor options are designed to make vaping more appealing, and it’s working – more than 8 out of 10 youth who vape use flavored products. TFLC staff work with schools, youth organizations, and community events to help young adults understand the risks of use and resources to help them quit and to share with parents how to identify possible signs of e-cigarette use (vaping).

Promote and provide resources for the Nebraska Tobacco Quitline

The Nebraska Tobacco Quitline offers FREE, confidential support for quitting tobacco. Contact TFLC for help getting resources for your business or call 1-800-QUIT-NOW to get started.