Villa Amore – Your Italian Eatery & Wine Bar in North Lincoln

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Your Italian Eatery & Wine Bar in North Lincoln

Owner Florim “Florio” Ramadani is proud to bring fine Italian dining to North Lincoln—which was much needed! He invites you to swing by if you’re looking for a place to eat or drink. Villa Amore also has wine tastings on the third Wednesday of every month!

Our team recently dined at Villa Amore, an Italian eatery with a great selection of wines. Connected to Country Inn & Suites on North 27th St., Villa Amore is a restaurant that is both casual and classy—a combination we really appreciate.

When we walked in, we noticed that the restaurant has a great bar area with a lot of stools and high-top table seating. On the other side of a half-wall divide is a nice sit-down dining area. The bar at Villa Amore is fully stocked and complete with over 20 different selections of white wines and more than 20 reds, available by the glass or by the bottle. The fun part about the restaurant being connected to a hotel is that you might meet people who are traveling from all over!

After getting a few drinks at the bar, we sat down to order food. The menu at Villa Amore is organized very well, and everything sounded so delicious. While we were going through our options, our server offered us some complimentary bread. You can tell a lot about an Italian restaurant by how good their bread is…and let us just say, we were pleased. A crisp outside and soft inside with that natural olive oil flavor—it was hard to limit ourselves to just one to save room for our actual meal! Villa Amore makes their own bread every day in house. Nothing they serve comes frozen, so it is all very fresh.

Here are the dishes we recommend at Villa Amore:

Calamari—Start your meal off with some calamari. Villa Amore fries their calamari the authentic way. It’s breading is nice and crisp, its topped with parmesan cheese. The appetizer is served with lemons and marinara sauce for extra taste.

Carsoni with Chicken and Shrimp—This specialty entree has great substance to it and an herby, fresh taste from the sautéed vegetables and seasoning. The creamy pesto sauce is delightful. What we liked is that it didn’t have an overpowering buttery taste.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza—We wanted to try the pizza at Villa Amore, and had to order the Buffalo Chicken when we heard it is the owner’s favorite! The crust on the pizza is amazing. Like we mentioned, they make all their dough in house. It’s thin crust but not burnt or cracker-like. It’s chewy and allows you to really enjoy the toppings. The buffalo sauce wasn’t too spicy and there was a good ratio of chicken per slice. We understand the hype now!

Shrimp Scampi—This dish might just be our favorite of the evening. The shrimp was juicy and each bite had a subtle hint of lemon. The angel hair pasta just melts in your mouth.

Homemade Meat Lasagna—You can’t go wrong with a classic lasagna dish, especially when it’s homemade. Villa Amore doesn’t short you on meat with their lasagna dish. It will definitely fill you up, and it has great flavor.

Italian Lemon Cake—If you’re someone that doesn’t usually order dessert at restaurant, you should make an exception when you dine at Villa Amore. Their Italian Lemon Cake really hits the spot. It is light, refreshing, moist, and rich without being too heavy on the sweet side. We just ordered one slice and shared it, which was perfect.

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