Visiting Angels – Explore Home Care as an Option for Your Senior Loved Ones

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Explore Home Care as an Option for Your Senior Loved Ones

Visiting Angels is a local home care agency that matches qualified, professional elder care providers with seniors for compassionate and respectful care. They help families find senior home providers that enable their loved ones to maintain their independence and dignity. Through non-medical home care, Visiting Angels empowers the elderly community to stay in their homes.
Natalie Leon, owner and executive director, has over 15 years of experience in the health care industry. She understands the importance of respectful and empathetic senior care. With her experience and passion, Natalie is able to make excellent matches between seniors and helpers that create genuine bonds and fulfill all the senior’s needs.

An Intentional Match

The process begins with a free in-home care consultation. The Visiting Angels care coordinator will meet with you and your loved one to listen and comprehend your unique situation. This time allows them to understand you and your loved one’s lifestyle, concerns, preferences, and schedule. Will you need long-term or temporary care? Hourly, overnight, or 24 hour care? What personality types do they get along best with? What are their interests or hobbies? After finding the answers to these questions, Visiting Angels matches your loved one with a home care helper who has the skills, experience, and personality necessary to provide the best care possible care. Visiting Angels provides families with activities of daily living like meal planning and preparation, hygiene assistance, light housekeeping, laundry assistance, medication reminders, running errands, and just plain old friendly companionship. Every care plan is customized to meet all your elder care needs.

Benefits of Seniors Staying Home

Private caregivers are like a stepping stone for seniors who are still independent enough to live at home but need help with the logistics of maintaining a comfortable and healthy lifestyle. Instead of a jarring move, utilizing Visiting Angels makes for a comfortable and subtle lifestyle change. Many seniors have happy memories embedded in their home. They raised their children there, held their grandchild for the first time, or have beloved pets. Parting with a home is an extremely difficult situation and especially so for seniors who don’t have frequent medical issues but just struggle maintaining the house. Hiring an elder care provider does have an adjustment period, but it is often much shorter due to the beneficial aspects of having them around.

According to AARP, more than 95% of seniors want to stay home as long as possible. Even if they require outside help, many seniors wish to grow old in their own home surrounded by family and friends. One of the hardest decisions adult sons and daughters have to make is how to help their aging parent live the best life possible. Visiting Angels gives peace of mind that your parents are cared for and healthy.

Zeke and Diesel are Paw-tiently Waiting to Visit their Senior Friends

The Visiting Angels team includes two very special dogs—Zeke, a trained therapy dog, and Diesel, a faithful companion—who are missing the pets and cuddles they normally receive from senior friends. Pet therapy has been proven to be mentally, emotionally, and even physically beneficial to seniors, and Visiting Angels can’t wait to bring their pups back to the retirement centers, rehabilitation centers, and seniors’ homes that they normally visit. Quarantine has been especially ‘ruff’ on at-risk seniors, so Zeke and Diesel are excited to spread some in-person joy when it is safe to do so.

If you want to learn more about Visiting Angels, contact Natalie Leon today!

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