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What are the main functions of the Business Banking Solutions team at West Gate Bank?

The Business Banking Solutions team at West Gate Bank works with businesses to understand their unique challenges and provides a custom, solutions-based approach for their financial needs. With an array of products to enhance any business banking portfolio, the Business Banking Solutions team can help create additional benefits to meet many financial goals.

What kind of businesses would benefit from the services offered by the Business Banking Solutions team?

The Business Banking Solutions team works with a wide range of businesses, including local government agencies, small businesses, medical offices, and retail business. They offer solutions for businesses of any size!

What are some of the team’s greatest accomplishments?

Building strong customer relationships is something the team prides itself on. They learn about their customers and work closely with them to find the right products to meet their needs and simplify their banking functions. Whether it’s through online and digital products or our Merchant Card processing, the team will do what they can to help customers manage their banking so they can focus more on running their business.


Are there any current trends, COVID-related and other, that the team has had to address and adapt to in recent years as they serve their clients?

The team helped several customers through the Paycheck Protection Program loan process, from completing the application to securing financing and now through loan forgiveness. There were also a number of businesses that needed assistance transitioning to online banking products in order to manage their accounts and business remotely during the pandemic. Products like Desktop Teller, which allow customers to electronically transmit checks for deposit, and ACH for simple money movement, helped customers to quickly and conveniently shift their operations.

Lindsey Kirkendall joined the Business Banking Solutions team in March 2020, bringing 15 years of banking experience to her role at West Gate Bank. Mitch Glause joined West Gate Bank in 2019 and Brock Shelton celebrated his 18th anniversary with the bank this year.

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