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Star City Six – Catherine Horner

Gramercy Hill offers residents over 55 years old a place to live independently or with assisted wellness and rehab services in a vibrant, recently-remodeled apartment community off of 70th and A St. Catherine Horner is the executive director of Gramercy Hill.

Tell us a little about your business.

Owned and managed by Capital Senior Living, Gramercy Hill allows residents to enjoy menu-style dining, daily life-enriching activities, and access to medical services. This year marks 35 years of serving retired Nebraska seniors at our campus.

How did you get started in the business?

In 2014, I began working as a business director and eventually administrator for a newly-opened assisted living community in The Villages, Florida. Prior to that, I had spent many years working at Lied Lodge & Conference Center in administration and human resources. That experience prepared me for managing operations that encompass customer service, dining, sales, housekeeping, and maintenance, all similar departments in a senior community. It took several months of studying to learn about healthcare administration and pass the Florida Nursing Home Administrators exam. Since my children live in Nebraska, I relocated back to Lincoln two years ago and was hired to my current position at Gramercy Hill.

What has been your most important achievement professionally?

I’ve been given the opportunity to mentor and encourage many employees to set goals and seek the training and education necessary to reach them. When someone tells me that they have done something successful because of advice they received from me, that’s the best compliment I can get and an important achievement for me.

Tell us a little about your family.

I grew up outside of Washington, D.C. in Oxon Hill, MD and was raised in a suburban home with two brothers, now both living in Florida. Currently, I’m a single mother of three grown, healthy, successful children who have blessed me with seven little adorable grandchildren, all of whom live in Nebraska.

What do you see as one of the biggest turning points in your life?  

Marrying someone with ties to Nebraska was a big turning point. I went from city girl life to rural girl life living in a house on 10 acres in the middle of nowhere! It wasn’t long before I was canning vegetables and taking my children to 4-H meetings.

What is your favorite thing to do on a day off?

I would love to sleep in but after many years of working, I jump up and start my day early and actually enjoy that. Spending time with family and friends, trying new recipes, taking a walk in the sunshine, working with house plants, and exploring antique stores and estate sales are a few favorite things to do.

What is the most unique or interesting thing about you that most people probably don’t know? 

I appeared on The Wheel of Fortune in 2012 and won a trip to Jamaica and some cash!

Who inspires you?

People who have lived through terrible circumstances and have every reason to be down on themselves, yet choose to be happy and productive in life and actually lift others up.

What local nonprofit organization(s) are you passionate about or involved with, and are there any special reasons why?

Having worked many years for the Arbor Day Foundation, I feel passionate about their tree-planting mission considering the impact trees have on our very existence. We have an annual Arbor Day celebration at Gramercy Hill and plant a tree on the property, with local grade school children participating, each year.

What is your favorite book or the last good book you read?

I’m currently reading The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven. Very powerful.

If our readers would like to contact you, how should they do so?

(402) 483-1010;;

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