Meet Jordyn Ready, Director of Sales and Marketing of at The Residence at Gramercy (

Tell us a little about your business. – The Residence at Gramercy opened in 1985 on 6 acres at 6800 A st. in Lincoln and is managed by 12 Oaks Senior Living. Residents are encouraged to be part of social activities and enjoy a relaxed lifestyle without the obligation to keep up with chores or burdensome household tasks. From simple housekeeping and nutritious meals to hygiene and healthcare, we strive to enable our residents to lead their own lives in a way that is happy and healthy. A move to Assisted or Independent Living at our community provides the opportunity to explore a new way of life; one that offers new beginnings of all kinds—engaging new friendships and enriching activities built around small group involvement. We’re here to make the transition from home to our community as easy and stress-free as possible.

How did you get started in the business? – I graduated with my Social Work degree in 2017 and fell in love with the medical field, geriatrics and helping those in need. I began my career in Social Work focusing on young adults suffering from brain injuries, then transitioned to skilled nursing and long- term care, and then, as the Social Worker for the CHI Health St. Elizabeth Inpatient Burn Center. I decided to venture into marketing to spend more time with my family and accepted a position as the Director of Sales and Marketing at The Residence at Gramercy, which has allowed me to continue to work with seniors in need.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced professionally? – Working in the medical field during the pandemic.

What has been your most important achievement professionally? – Creating relationships with others who, like me, have a passion for senior care and helping others.

Tell us a little about your family. – My husband, Tanner, and I celebrate our four year anniversary this October. Tanner is my greatest supporter and my best friend. If we aren’t at home watching a good TV show, then we are traveling and trying new foods. We also have two cats, Zoey and Reese, who keep us on our toes and ultimately run our household.

What do you see as one of the biggest turning points in your life? – Becoming an aunt because my nephews and niece bring so much joy to my life.

What is your favorite thing to do on a day off? – Enjoy the sun–whether that is sitting on my patio or vacationing at the beach.

What is the most unique or interesting thing about you that most people probably don’t know? – I was in an apartment fire in 2018, which began when a lightning bolt struck the building. My husband and I lost most of our belongings and had to start over. It is what drew me to work in a burn center and with burn victims.

Who inspires you? – My mom, Joey, raised me to be an advocate for those in need, show kindness in all that I do and to practice empathy. She goes above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of others and works to help medically under-served women in Nebraska. She loves living a simple life, being a grandma, camping and gardening.

What is your favorite quote or the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? – “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” I had this quote hung up in my room as a little girl, and I ended up getting a tattoo of it as an adult.

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