Enhance Your Team Culture – Lincoln Stars Hockey

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Enhance Your Team Culture – Lincoln Stars Hockey

At Strictly Business we recognize team building and employee engagement is a key factor to retaining great employees. In this new series, we share our staff outings in hopes of educating our readers about fun activities to do with employees and co-workers. Among the best investments for small and large companies alike, without further adieu, we encourage you to “Enhance Your Team Culture!”

Lincoln Stars Hockey | Ice Box Arena | (402) 474-7827 | lincolnstars.com

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For sports lovers, Lincoln, NE is known to be home of the beloved Nebraska Cornhuskers. But let’s not forget about the other local sports teams out there that provide a variety of other sporting events for our enjoyment. The Lincoln Stars (lincolnstars.com) hockey team has been a Lincoln staple since 1996, bringing fans to The Ice Box and providing an entertainment experience that caters to all walks of life. The Ice Box arena is located on the former Nebraska state fairgrounds and holds more than 4,500 fans. We were especially excited for our upcoming staff night out, as we know at Lincoln Stars games you’re guaranteed to have a good time! Hockey, beer, sports.. OH MY.

Strictly Business reserved the Monzon Law Party Suite for the game we attended. In our opinion, a suite is unquestionably the way to go. It offers a great opportunity to reward employees, entertain and get to know your clients better, or just for a great night out with friends and family! The suite is located in the northeast corner of the arena and accommodates up to 20 people, choice of two snacks, and also includes two drink tickets per person for the bar. Whether you›re a diehard fan or don›t necessarily consider yourself to be a sports enthusiast the suite allows for you to get the best of both worlds. Those who wish to watch the game are easily able to do so and those who›d rather socialize are able to chat or network with those around you. When you break down the cost per person it›s very affordable too. Side note: The Ice Box is called that for a reason- it›s cold! Make sure to dress warmly and of course wear your Stars blue. Parking can be a production, so we would recommend arriving early. They have an excellent selection of food, drinks, and snacks available for those in attendance, so you don’t necessarily have to grab dinner beforehand either.

Even though our team lost by 1 goal, we still had an incredible experience. We even got to witness a live wedding on the ice in-between periods. Those are some diehard fans! Thank you for the hospitality Lincoln Stars Hockey (lincolnstars.com).

If you are a business in the Lincoln area that offers activities for staff outings and would like to be featured, please contact us today! For a full line-up from any of our staff outings, go to our Facebook page to see more! As for those who are considering planning a similar team-building activity or event, these are our recommendations of local businesses that can help you maximize your time while you treat your staff to a change of scenery and a chance to have some fun together outside of the office – whether it is just for a few hours or for the whole day. You’d be amazed at how much you will benefit personally and professionally from spending a little time together in a different environment! For more information on how to be featured please contact us at (402) 466-3330 or Office@StrictlyBusinessOmaha.com.