When I look around, I see a city in the midst of a transformation.  A new arena, Innovation Campus, Antelope Valley, the Special Olympics National Games and downtown redevelopment projects.  Things are occurring from the capitol to campus – from Airpark to the Lancaster Events Center, Lincoln has embraced projects and rolled up their sleeves to get involved.  I view Lincoln as a city on the move, a city ripe for opportunity and a city ready to write the next chapter.

The Lincoln Chamber of Commerce is a coalition of businesses and industry that work in partnership with local civic organizations and government agencies to improve the standard of living and create economic opportunity for all Lincoln area residents.  Whether it’s new jobs, new streets, new recreational facilities, new or improved visitor attractions or special events, chances are the Chamber has played a positive role in your daily life.

Our initiatives are promoted through strong partnerships.  The Lincoln Chamber of Commerce is an organization of associated businesses that works on the local, state and federal levels to promote Lincoln’s economic objectives.  The Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development is a private-public organization formed by the Chamber and the City to promote job growth and retention in the region.  The Lincoln Convention and Visitors Bureau is an organization funded by county lodging taxes to promote tourism opportunities for the region.

Over the next few pages, you will find a summary of our accomplishments and objectives met in service to Lincoln over the past twelve months.  If you are interested in more information, please visit our website, www.lcoc.com.

There are so many facets of Lincoln’s economic health and quality of life that the Chamber has played a significant role in improving. As a lifelong Lincoln resident, I am proud to be serving as President of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce at this critical point in time and look forward to all that’s in store for Lincoln in the coming months and years.

The Lincoln Chamber of Commerce’s mission is to improve the lives of Lincoln residents by providing increased economic opportunity and can only be accomplished together.  Networking opportunities, business advocacy, and creating economic viability are critical to our success.  We encourage you to become a member and help us achieve these goals for Lincoln.  For more information, please contact either Paul Miloni at 402-436-2350, email at pmiloni@lcoc.com or visit us online at http://www.lcoc.com/.