At McGill Law (, we are a female-focused law firm that understands the unique challenges women face during divorce. Recognizing that this is often the most difficult time in a woman’s life, we are here to provide support. We have built a team of the best divorce attorneys to serve families in Nebraska and Western Iowa, focusing not only on their legal issues but also on their relationships and future.

McGill Law guides you through your law matters with care, experience, and compassion. Our goal is to achieve the best and most peaceful outcome for you and your family. With McGill Law on your side, you will be supported by knowledgeable and understanding attorneys dedicated to your needs. We specialize in respectful, empowered divorces and adoptions and also provide juvenile and estate law services. Every client is treated with dignity and respect, ensuring effective representation.

Our expertise and integrity have earned us a reputation as one of the best family law firms in Nebraska and Iowa. We maintain a consistent track record of uncompromising ethics, instilling confidence and trust in our clients.

At McGill Law, we do things differently.

Our focus is on collaborative divorce and law, collaborative mediation, and divorce mediation—out-of-court methods that keep decisions in the hands of the individuals involved. These approaches to divorce are often quicker, easier, and less costly than traditional litigation. They minimize conflict between the divorcing parties and focus on the well-being of the children. Our techniques lessen the impact of divorce on the families involved, often leading to continued strong family relationships post-divorce. We also help parents learn to co-parent effectively with specialized communication techniques.

We are constantly inspired by the resilience and strength of the women and families that we serve and work with. With our guidance, you will feel more empowered than ever.

We have your back.