Downtown Lincoln is expanding its borders to include the Telegraph District. The Telegraph District was introduced to Downtown Lincoln as of September 1, 2023.

Mother-daughter duo, Anne and Mary Clare Sweet, have been doing all things yoga for over a decade. Anne Sweet deals with Lincoln operations and is the one that got the ball rolling in making Lotus House of Yoga a brand and a reality.

“My daughter was a dancer in New York, auditioning for entertainment opportunities and I told her she should come home, and when she came home I was like, ‘Let’s open a yoga studio!’” Sweet said. “And that was almost 15 years ago.”

The Sweets opened their first storefront in Omaha in 2010. They expanded their holistic work to Lincoln in 2014. Since starting in 2010, Lotus House of Yoga had five locations in Lincoln and Omaha.

“We had five locations, but when the pandemic hit, we had to close some studios,” Sweet said. “We only have two locations now – one in Omaha and [the Telegraph District location].”

The locally owned fitness studio opened its Telegraph location in February 2020. This studio is located across the street from The Mill Coffee and Tea. This Lotus location offers yoga, sculpting and indoor cycle fitness classes.

Anne Sweet expressed how much she has enjoyed being in the Telegraph District and in the building they are leasing. “My grandmother’s first job was right here,” Sweet said through tears. “She was a telephone operator in this building.”

A fun fact about Lotus House of Yoga is that they were the first to sell Lululemon yoga mats in the US.

“We were the largest retailer of Lululemon yoga mats in the country when we first opened,” Sweet said. “This is a time when you couldn’t get things on Amazon, and so we were kind of a go-to place for all things yoga.”

Lotus offers several classes including hot yoga, power yoga, traditional flow, beginner classes and sculpting classes. Hot yoga can reach to 108 degrees inside the gym room.

Afraid to go in-person? Not a problem, Lotus offers an on demand-online program with an option to attend in person or via livestream in the comfort of your own home.

Lotus’s main focus is the connection of the mind, body and soul. To sign up for a class, visit

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